Our Strengths


Research has shown that children learn best through play. 

Our programme consists of structured play activities which are carefully selected and designed to meet the development needs of the children. It largely develops the sensory and soft skills of the children which better prepares them for primary school.


We maintain strong connections with families through sending thematic curriculum plans monthly to parents in advance, to better prepare and prompt the children on the upcoming learning activities. We also feedback to the parents on each child's learning outcomes and holistic development after each theme.


Our Programme


Our school's programme meets the educational goals which Canossian Schools believe in.


Our curriculum is authentically designed, fully integrated and developmentally appropriate which meets the sensory needs and more importantly, the cognitive and emotional needs of children 


Our programme engages the child cognitively as it speaks to the HEART, MIND, BODY and Spirit of the child.


Our emphasis is the Character building of each child.



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