The school is a harvest that costs much but it yields the most fruit.

- St. Magdalene of Canossa

Our Inspitation

Saint Magdalene of Canossa, (1774 – 1835) Foundress of the Canossian Daughters of Charity started charity schools in several cities of northern Italy shortly after the French Revolution, to educate poor girls, teaching them to read and write and at the same time forming their characters and providing them with skills that prepared them for a living. 


The purpose of these schools was not only the education of honest working-girls, but the formation of good and God-loving mothers of families.

About Saint Magdalene of Canossa

(Feast Day: 8 May)


Wealth and privilege did nothing to prevent today’s saint from following her calling to serve Christ in the poor. Nor did the protests of her relatives, concerned that such work was beneath her.


Born in northern Italy in 1774, Magdalen knew her mind—and spoke it. At age 15 she announced she wished to become a nun. After trying out her vocation with the cloistered Carmelites, she realized her desire was to serve the needy without restriction. For years she worked among the poor and sick in hospitals and in their homes, and also among delinquent and abandoned girls.


In her mid-twenties Magdalen began offering lodging to poor girls in her own home. In time she opened a school, which offered practical training and religious instruction. As other women joined her in the work, the new Congregation of the Daughters of Charity emerged. Over time, houses were opened throughout Italy.


Members of the new religious congregation focused on the educational and spiritual needs of women. Magdalen also founded a smaller congregation for priests and brothers. Both groups continue to this day.


She died in 1835. Pope John Paul II canonized her in 1988. 


Prayer to

St. Magdalene of Canossa


St Magdalene of Canossa,

great lady so kind.

To live with the poor,

you left your palace behind.

You care for the children

and taught them to pray.

Magdalene, our teacher

and also our friend.

Magdalene, dear mother,

you are a saint.

Our Philosophy

We believe that every child has the potential to shine.


Our Vision

Canossian children with a passion for learning and a love for others.


Our Mission

To build confidence and to inculcate values in the child.


Our Values

Commitment, Compassion and Cheerfulnesst


Our Focus - Character formation and Value Education

We seek to educate the whole person in all aspects of the developmental spectrunm, goving emphasis to the 'formation of the heart'.


Our Love Rules

  • Speaking to Please

  • Sharing and Caring

  • Listening to Learn

  • Gentle Moving


Our History

Canossian Convent Kindergarten, established in 1970, is part of the international network of Canossian schools and kindergartens that continue to live the educational dream of Saint Magdalene in the context of the world today.


Over the last 40 + years, we have sought to:

  • Lay the foundations of literacy and numeracy, develop the child in aesthetics and creative expression, physical agility, environmental awareness and social interaction.

  • Form the character and conscience of the child in accordance with values of the Gospel.

  • Seek to give special support to children who are disadvantaged in any way.

  • Build a God-centred community of educators and learners to better serve the children.

  • Ensure that the Canossian character and ethos distinctive of the Canossian Daughters of Charity are fostered and developed.

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